Relax, Refresh, Refocus

Located in northern Indiana, Scents Charming creates beautifully scented candles to help you take care of yourself. Fragrances are based on aromatherapy and are designed to help you where you need it. Need some energy? Try Bliss. Need to destress? Try Solace. How about livening up the bedroom? Amour can help with that. 

There are currently seven fragrances and more to come in the future, so check back often to see what is current. Have an idea for a candle? Send us a message. We just may be able to help. 

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The Founder

I created Scents Charming to bring a little peace and harmony into your life. My life went from chaos (as a wife and mother of three) to empty nester to chaos manager. Believe me, I understand how important “me” time really is. Light a candle and discover how a fragrance can help you relax, refresh, and refocus. Take a little time to focus on yourself for a change. Your soul will thank you for it. 

Beth Heller