Mom Life…

Our new candle line is perfect for every mom who doesn’t get to eat a sandwich alone again,
who takes quick naps standing, who feels like putting an ‘out of order sticker’ on their
forehead and going back to sleep every day




With so much to worry about in the world nowadays, buying a candle shouldn’t be on your worry list. We’ve got you covered with our phthalate free fragrances, lead free wicks and our own unique, proprietary wax blend so no worries here. 


Fun and Empathetic

No one understands like another mom. We love our little families more than anything but that doesn’t mean they don’t drive us up the wall sometimes. It’s best to have a sense of humor about it. 



We have designed our products to look like energy drinks because, well, we could always use more energy.  Some days, caffeine is all that keeps us functioning.


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