Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, things get spilled. It happens. How to get candle wax off of most surfaces is a bit of a challenge, but can be done. Be aware that there is a large amount of elbow grease involved.

Whether on your carpet, furniture, plastic, clothing, or the wall, these tips will help you remove most of the wax. No matter what wax was used to make the candle, the first step is always to remove excess wax. Grab a butter knife, old credit card, anything that can be used as a scraper, and work it back and forth over the wax until the majority has been scraped free. You can either pick up the freed pieces by hand or use your vacuum.

Next, cover the area with paper towels, and blast with your hairdryer. You should be able to see the paper towel become wet with the wax. Press the towel down, but do not rub. Doing so will cause the stain to spread. Once all excess wax has been lifted, proceed to the next step.

By now, most of the wax should be lifted. Wooh, wait! There’s still a stain?!?! That is because the oils used for fragrance have left their mark. You can treat the remaining area as you would for any other grease/oil stain. “Dawn takes grease out of your way” used to be used as a selling point and it still remains true. Dab a bit of dish soap on the stain and scrub. Rinse as best you can. Repeat as necessary to remove all the oil. Another option is shampoo. Sounds weird, I know. But shampoo removes oil build-up from our hair, so why not our carpet? Use the same method as for dish soap. If possible, launder regularly.

While clean-up sounds easy, it takes a fair amount of time to get the area totally clean. Hopefully, you have gotten the whole mess cleaned up, and are ordering a replacement candle.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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