Why Does the Bank Say I Owe Them Money? (Adult Child)


Ah, the dreaded overdraft fee. Just because the “app” said they had money, doesn’t mean they do. They all have to learn this sooner or later. And I’m telling you now, it is 100% the apps fault. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. (That’s sarcasm, in case you missed it). Some kids just aren’t made to be independent.  Good luck with that.

Parenthood is hard, a little humor makes it bearable.


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These 12 oz candles are sure to brighten your day. Your choice of scent. Want a custom saying on a label? Message me for details.

  • Clean burning Para-Coco wax
  • Lead-free, cotton wicks
  • Phthalate-free fragrances
  • No harsh chemicals
  • May or May not contain color/mica


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Choose Your Scent

Are you kidding me, But you just ate, Chill out, Fresh sheets, Go to bed, Momma needs a nap, Naptime, Sweet dreams, Who cleaned and why, You won’t like it, it’s spicy, Because I said so (Add $1.50), Company’s coming (Add $1.50), I said don’t touch (Add $1.50), I saw that (Add $1.50), Man smells (Add $1.50), Mom brain (Add $1.50), Peace and quiet (Add $1.50), Selective hearing (Add $1.50), Seriously (Add $1.50), Spilt milk (Add $1.50), Wait a minute (Add $1.50), What in the…(Add $1.50)


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