Wicks are probably the worst part of candle-making. EVERYTHING affects how the wick behaves and how the candle burns. Dye type and amount, amount and weight of the fragrance, the diameter of the jar, shape of the jar, etc., these all come into play when choosing a wick. The best place to start is a wick guide on a reputable candle supply company’s website. These are only suggestions and may not work for you. You will need to purchase and test a few sizes/kinds of wicks for each different container, every fragrance choice, etc. Before you ask, yes, you need to test and retest for every variable you have. So if you have 2 kinds of jars and 4 fragrances, you are already looking into a lot of testing. (Say you test 3 wicks: 3 wicks X 2 jars X 4 fragrances= 24 test candles. There is a hack for this that I’ll get into later.) Remember when I talked about wax choices? Soy takes 2 weeks to fully cure, so if you make test candles today, you can’t actually test them for 2 weeks. Paraffin can be tested the next day. 

The most popular supplier I’ve come across is Candle Science. There is loads of info on their site and they are live daily on social media. They also have very good quality fragrance oils and other supplies needed. This is a great company to start with. But do keep in mind that most of the candle-making community is using them as well.  

You may see that people add glitter or mica, dried flowers and crystals, and things like that to their candles. These require extra research. The consensus is that glitter and mica will clog the wick and keep it from burning properly. Dried flowers are flammable, as are some crystals/stones. Please research these carefully online before you decide to use any of them. 

Start your journey into wicks at a reputable candle supply company. Read as many guides as you can and compare them to each other. This will give you a very good idea of where to start. Also, some of these companies sell multi-packs for testing. Take advantage of those and join some supply de-stash groups on Facebook. People are always selling things like wicks that didn’t work for them and fragrance oils they didn’t like or couldn’t use. Until next time…

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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